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The sensory path

The sensory path

Giardini dei sensi offers a sensory path to approach the senses to the colors, scents, tastes, materials and sounds of the Amalfi Coast.

See where everything started

A frame of majolica overwhelms the breathtaking view of the gulf and points to Li Galli, from which all began. The story is that it was precisely from these islands that sirens called Ulysses with their melodic song.
Sit back and enjoy the view, sipping a juice of our citrus trees and admiring the panorama


Touch the wonders of nature

Along the way to the villa you can observe the wonderful vegetation that surrounds you, typically mediterranean. The chest of drawers shows you the touch of the various features that the flora, bark and musk offers, in the wonderful splendor of the Amalfi Coast.


Inhaled in the aromatic garden

The whole villa is surrounded by greenery and the gardens are rich in small corners where it is pleasant to get lost and enjoy the relaxation. Among them is the aromatic vegetable: mint, basil, sage, lavender, a delusion of Mediterranean fragrances.


Dust the products of Italian kitchen

Sit on our patio and enjoy our welcome: Freshly baked pies, fresh fruit juices will bring you closer to the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.


Listen to the far siren song

On our highest terrace, right next to the access portal to the Path of Gods, there is a small corner we wanted to devote to hearing. A shell coming from the sea, an exotic fruit shell, a bamboo cane: if you approach your ear you will also hear the siren calls. Let go and listen to the recall of nature that cradles and protects us.


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